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The industries that we have experience with include, but not limited to:
  • Finance
  • Financial Services
  • Investment
  • Banking
  • Securities
  • Accounting
  • Leasing
  • Legal
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Clothing/Textile
  • Government
  • Consulting
  • Software
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Non-Profit
Testimonials Testimonials
"We most recently contracted with Chrysalis Solutions to guide us through a complex SQL Server 2008 R2 migration on VM servers.  Yigang exhibited excellent technical and organizational skills as he worked with me to plan the migration.  He developed a sophisticated set of reusable, automated processes to perform unattended SQL Server installations and migrate SQL objects. This allowed us to stage the complete migration in advance, and then to dramatically speed up the actual Production migration while reducing risk. He also successfully exploited SSIS and XML to completely redesign most of our SQL jobs to reduce complexity and increase reusability and reliability. Additionally, Yigang delivered a complete and thorough set of documentation, making it much easier for us to assume responsibility for SQL Server maintenance."

                           - Michael O., Technical Architect, Client (Confidential)*

"Yigang has demonstrated a highly disciplined approach to his job. When he is presented with a problem, he clearly outlines the issue for the appropriate decision makers with a list of his recommendations regarding how to solve the problem. This approach has been invaluable. We consider him a key contributor, and have used him as an example of what we are looking for in building the team. We are very satisfied with his performance. He is easily the best of the four DBAs that have played the role of DBA. He has built up excellent credibility. We have implicit trust in his technical abilities and in his work ethic. He is considered an indispensable member of the team."

                           - Tracy B., Senior Manager, Client (Confidential)*

"We partnered with Chrysalis Solutions on a Data Architecture and Database Administration projects utilizing tools such as MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access. Our client was extremely happy with the services they provided. Their attention to detail, work ethic and expert knowledge helped solve complicated technical issues. We are very happy with their services and professional customer service. We are looking forward to working with them again in the future."

                           - Fred Cindrich, Vice President, Rimrock Associates (Partner)

"Yigang Jin is an experienced professional in MS SQL Server and Oracle Server. He was able to do the work for me in the specific time frame and within the budget. I highly recommend him for any work in Database Server installation, configuration, testing and implementation."

                           - Donald H., PhD, Professor, Consultant and CEO

"Yigang is a highly self-motivated, result-driven, and detail-oriented professional. He designed and developed a propriety SQL database and application for our firm. Each phase of the project was well planned, communicated and thoroughly documented. He took the time to understands our business needs, and delivered the solutions on time. The functionalities were as specified or exceeded our expectations. We continuously reply on his high quality services as a DBA and Developer. I highly recommend Yigang as he is a consummate professional who we can trust and are pleased to work with."

                           - Lillian L., Vice President of IT, Client (Confidential)*

"Yigang is an extremely thorough, detail-oriented individual providing a high-level quality of delivery. He exceeds expectations, and often delivers ahead of expectations. He has come up with creative ways, and has also displayed innovation in his projects. His DBA skills, as well as his general technical skills, make him a valuable asset. He is a highly credible individual - the epitome of professionalism. He is an example for others. He has also shown great flexibility in his role as DBA. He has demonstrated a willingness to help out in whatever area is needed."

                           - Project Manager, Source (Confidential)*

* Client, Partner or Source information may be kept confidential due to client request or business reason. Should you require any direct references or testimonials please feel free to contact us at

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