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Our Values Values
Our values are at the core of our identity, and serve as a compass for our actions. Our values are our Excellent CARE for our clients.


Our Mission
Our mission is to develop long-term business relationships with our clients that will increase productivity and profitability within their organizations.

We accomplish this by gathering our clients' needs and requirements, and providing exceptional, economical and unique solutions.

We strive to offer our clients superior quality services and customer care through integrity, customer-focus and professionalism.

We care for YOU. We make IT happen around the world.
Our Vision
Chrysalis Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to deliver effective Business Solutions and provide superior quality Information Technology Services to our clients and our business partners. We are committed to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients and our business partners. Our work and strong commitment has helped and will help us develop a close rapport with both our clients and our business partners. Currently we have two lines of business:  
  1. Direct Clients: We collaborate with our clients and provide Business Solutions and IT Services directly to our clients. 

  2. Business Partners: We collaborate with our business partners and provide IT Services to our clients via Corporation-to-Corporation. 
Our vision is to continue developing our business in multiple directions, such as partnership, outsourcing, and expansion.
Our Ethics & Professionalism
We have the high industry standards and believe that ethics and professionalism are the backbone of an enduring and prospering company. Our priorities are providing superior quality services with the highest levels of integrity and accountability. We value the relationships with our clients and treat our clients' needs with the appropriate discretion and confidentiality.
Our Cost-Effectiveness Guarantee
We not only provide the highest quality IT Services in the most efficient and productive manner, but also:
  • We offer the most reasonable and affordable rates.
  • We offer a FREE initial 1-hour consultation.
  • We provide comprehensive Business Proposals, Cost Benefits Analysis, and Project Management Plan for all projects.
We guarantee our clients' Return on Investment (ROI) and their success, because our clients' success is also our success.
Our Referral Reward Program
While we are continuously growing, we sincerely appreciate referrals. Our Referral Reward Program means the more Clients you refer the more rewards you will get:
  • $500 referral reward, if a new Client signs minimum 3 months of our Full-Time Services
  • $1,000 referral reward, if a new Client signs minimum 6 months of our Full-Time Services
  • $1,500 referral reward, if a new Client signs minimum 9 months of our Full-Time Services
  • $2,000 referral reward, if a new Client signs minimum 12 months of our Full-Time Services
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